Born mid 1963 as the eldest of two brothers, I discovered my love for music and photography at a fairly early age.
I started playing guitar when I was about 10 years old and started playing in bands at age 15. The (electric) guitar was my main instrument until I switched to drums and later to bass guitar, an instrument that seemed to fit me best.
At age 18 I purchased my first camera, a RevueFlex AC-2 (licensed Chinon) single lens reflex camera with a 50mm and 200mm prime lenses. Inspired by concert photographs in album artwork and music magazines, I started taking my camera to the occasional concert that I visited. Not knowing how to market my ‘work’ (there was no internet back then) and with the advent of metal detectors at concert venue entrances, this hobby slowly came to an end.
From my mid 20’s to mid 40’s making music and photography took a back seat to my career as an IT specialist and building a home and a family. After a difficult divorce in 2007 I started to reflect on the choices that I’d made in my life and I realised that I had seriously neglected my passion for music and photography. I also noticed that the metal detectors at concert venues had disappeared, which gave me the opportunity to revitalise my old hobby and take my (digital) camera to concerts again. Just for the fun of it.
Through the ‘magic’ of social media the management of American band Flying Colors contacted me about a series of photos that I’d secretly shot during their filmed performance at 013 in Tilburg (in September 2012) and had uploaded to my Facebook page. Eventually one of these photos ended up in the artwork of Flying Colors’ first live-cd/dvd/blu-ray “Live in Europe” (2013).
This publication enabled me to formally photograph some great musicians and artists live in concert over the past few years simply by contacting the band or their management and asking for a photo pass.
In 2015 I joined the Photo Crew of my local venue Doornroosje and have photographed quite a few band on stage and backstage for the venue. That same year Flying Colors released their second live album, “Second Flight: Live at the Z7”, and this time around all photography in the artwork except the front cover were taken by me. Flying Colors’ third live-album “Third Stage: Live In London” (2020) prominently features my photos on the front and rear cover as well as on the inside of the album. My photos have also been used for the albums “One Of A Kind” (2018) and "Live In Hamburg" (2021) by keyboardist Don Airey
I also occasionally photograph live performances for Zware MetalenCatching MusicGreenhouse TalentBackground Magazine, and I will try to acquire a photo pass for artists that I really like when they’re in the neighberhood.
You can reach me through the Contact page for assignments or for licensing information.
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